How to Plan a DIY Project and Choose a Tradesman

Initial Stages of Planning a Project

When deciding to undertake any DIY or home improvement project it is vital to clarify exactly what you want to achieve. Not only do you need to keep this vision in your own mind throughout a project, but you also need to share it with anyone else working on the improvements. The best way to do this is to write down what you want the finished area or item to look like; it is also advisable to keep a notebook with ideas, magazine cuttings or sketches to do with the project. As much detail as possible is helpful.

One of the other decisions is whether you can or want to complete the project yourself. It may be that you require professional help with aspects of a project such as electrical or plumbing installation. On the other hand, you may be capable of completing the work yourself but just do not have the time to do so. Professional services may be required in the planning stages of a project. For example, the help of an architect may be needed to obtain planning permission or to help you to comply with current building regulations.

Be realistic about the time required to complete a project. Can you really re-vamp the whole garden in one weekend? It is always a shame when people make a good start but rush at the end of the works because they are under pressure to complete renovations by a certain time or date. Don’t forget that family members may not be as enthusiastic about a project and may get fed up of living with the upheaval quickly – it is wise to choose your timing carefully before beginning any home improvements. Read the rest of this entry »

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7 Landscape Supply Essentials Every Homeowner Should Have

Does your backyard need a makeover? Do you want to design your own garden oasis? Do you want to create the landscape of your dreams? Here are seven landscape supply essentials that every homeowner should have. Your outdoor space will look like a million bucks if you have the right supplies.


There are numerous benefits to mulching your landscape. Mulch – an important element of landscaping – holds in soil moisture and protects plants and flowers from drying out quickly. Mulch will improve the appearance of your outdoor space. It comes in many different styles, from pine needles and shredded hardwood to hay and bark chips. Mulch is also available in different colors to add to your yard’s aesthetic.

Grass Seed

Grass seed is the necessary ingredient for a perfect lawn. It will give you the thick, lush, green lawn you’ve always dreamed about. Seeding rather than sodding gives you an opportunity to select the most appropriate combination of grasses for a lawn. Remember that the grass will only be as good as the seeds that are planted. Read the rest of this entry »

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